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ESF Trading founded in 1995 one of the leading furniture wholesaler. Comfortable distribution in US and Canada is the main aim of the ESF Trading. It has exclusive distribution rights from the best European modern furniture manufacturers. Partnership with the leading European furniture manufacturers enables the company to offer their customers the best choice of modern furniture; modern furniture, which features European quality, smooth and unique design and quite long durability of the furniture. The selection of ESF Trading is quite large, so any customer would find an appropriate product, which will suit all his demands, needs and wants. Even the most savvy consumer will be satisfied. Free Shipping in USA

Chairs & Benches

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Chairs & Benches

Half of the time we spend at home – we sit, no matter is it a living room or a dining room. Most of the times we do not think about the level of comfort our chairs give. We just sit and do not realize how much pleasure we lose.
Imagine you would get an ordinary sofa, instead of comfortable and soft ones, that would be the same. Our store offers you modern leisure chairs of various shapes and forms which will create an unbelievable atmosphere in your room.
However, despite the low prices they are rich for quality and are totally luxurious.

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