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Uniqueness is what NOVA is all about. From the beginning of the NOVA Company in 1923, the business concentrates in unique and original design, which is a risk, which not everyone can take.
NOVA has a great brand loyalty, due to special features, which NOVA's products possess. Firstly the unique and innovative design, secondly affordable prices and thirdly superior quality. All of this combined creates a quite attractive and competitive product, which is gladly accepted by any furniture retailer. The reason is that all retailers know that NOVA products are sold faster than anything else.

2008 is a year of great changes, which took place at NOVA. Alliance with Jon Gilmore Designs created a great opportunity for NOVA products to expand and to open new elements of innovative design. In 2009 the selection of NOVA products are expanded with mirrors, clock, wall graphics and etc.

, Kimura Collection


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