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8 Perfect Types of Furniture for Small Apartment


Need to know how to use every foot of your apartment?

Dining furniture for small room

The versatile and functional furniture is the perfect way to save the space in small rooms. So if you need the tricks to make your apartment comfortable - here they are.


The folding table with its versatility is one of the main furniture pieces in any tiny room. There can be different models, from nesting tables (also known as tier tables) to transformable tables.

These are the examples of nesting tables:
Tables for small room
The transformable tables are more versatile - they come with drawers, shelves, lifting lids and provide the compartments for storage. You can store magazines, remote controls, small items need to be at hand.

Tables for small room
Tables for small room

Modern Rotary Coffee Table in White, Grey and Dark Grey



Do not know where to sleep? Use folding bed and the problem with the sleeping place will be solved. The highly functional design of these beds allows you to transform the compact looking piece of furniture into full-fledged bed.

Bed for small room



Sofa Bed for small room

The sofa sleeper is an essential furniture piece in studio apartment. If you do not want to use/buy an ordinary bed - the sofa bed helps you. Various designs are presented today on furniture market. You can find convertible sofa beds, sleeper sectionals, sleeper sofas, etc.

Sofa Bed for small room


If there is a space under the bed, it can be filled with drawers or baskets for extra storage. It works as a versatile and functional organizer for bedding, linens, seasonal clothes, magazines, etc.

Bed for small room

Use long blankets to make the bed look aesthetically pleasing and avoid the mess.




The highly functional all-in-one swivel cabinets are another way to save the valuable space of your home. They can be a cabinet, a mirror, a jewelry armoire and more simultaneously.

Armoire for small room




No doubt it’s not as functional as it seems, but mirror helps to expand the room with the “expandable” characteristics. The room “doubles”, thus the illusion of bright and spacious room is created.

MIRROR for small room


The multifunctional table that looks like a small console but can be transformed into large dining table is the perfect solution to accommodate many guests at dinner party and save the floor space, when it is not in use. Get it from here.

Dining table for small room



Dining chairs for small room



Folding chairs is ideal solution for large dinner party and as seats for everyday use. When not in use they can be folded and hid away in the closet, thus saving the space in your small apartments. Buy it here

Dining chairs for small room

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