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Back to School Sale!

Midsummer has come and gone, and the time has come to begin preparations for college. Your student will need that hip new wardrobe, heavy-duty backpack, sturdy bike, tablet or laptop, cell phone, hot plate, and so much more – and you’re likely looking for some great deals to take the back-to-school stress off your wallet. Aside from tuition and books, one of the biggest expenses for a college student living away from home for the first time is the furniture for his or her dorm room or off-campus apartment. Give your student that first important lesson in Advanced Bargain Hunting 101, by shopping at FurnitureNYC.net’s Back to School Sale for all the necessary gear for his or her new home.

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, and often shared. The furniture from kids’ rooms at home – aside from being “uncool” – is usually too large to go with them to college. Students need compact alternatives such as platform beds (or loft beds), home office desks with built in shelving and storage, and multi-use organizational pieces like adjustable shelving or stacking cubes, to make efficient use of what little living space they have.

College furniture has to be compact, utilitarian, and durable, and – if possible – serve more than one purpose. The mini-fridge can be used as a night stand. The ottoman can double as a storage space. At FurnitureNYC.net, we’ve put together the essential campus collection of multi-use, budget-friendly furniture deals for college-bound kids. We have futon frames that can convert into a chair, lounger, or sleeper. We have platform beds with space underneath for desks, shelves, or a futon. With all of the dorm furniture sized for limited living space available at our Back to School Sale, it will be easy to help your student create a personalized feel in the place he or she will eat, sleep, study, party, and relax.

One important back-to-school purchase that is often overlooked is a new mattress. Dorms may provide mattresses, but these are often lumpy, worn, and – let’s face it – are probably not spotlessly clean. College students need rest to keep up with a demanding class schedule and social life, and a quality mattress is the best way to ensure they get the rest they need. At FurnitureNYC.net, we can help you make an educated choice on just the right inexpensive mattress for your student’s dorm room.

At FurnitureNYC.net’s Back to School Sale, choose from our wide selection of furniture specially sized for small living spaces. Ease some of the stress of those overwhelming back-to-school expenses, by taking advantage of our one-year interest-free loan deal. Benefit from free shipping if your student is headed off to college in NYC, NJ or CT.
With great deals from FurnitureNYC.net, you can transform you student’s dorm room into a real home away from home, without breaking the bank.

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