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Coffee Table for the Interior of the Living Room

The living room is the heart of any home. And any person strives to make it comfortable, harmonious and cozy, and at the same time to give the interior design originality and individuality. Today, in most living rooms, you can find several basic elements such as sofas, armchairs and, of course, a coffee table.

The history of the coffee table began in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was created by Edward William Godwin. Then the table had a height of about 27.55 inches. The traditional appearance of the table has been acquired later. There is no unified theory about the source of the Godwin's idea to create such an interesting and functional accessory. There are theories that the author was inspired by the culture of the luxurious Osman Empire, or the mysterious Japan.

Types of coffee tables

The idea of coffee table was quickly picked up by the leading furniture manufacturers, and soon it became a fashionable part of all the rich European houses. At that times, it was made of certain types of wood, Murano glass, natural stone or copper alloys.

Today, coffee tables, made of a variety of materials that can be found at the market. Models also differ in design, features and construction. All of them are divided into three types:
•    Functional. It has a large worktop, and a large number of shelves and boxes for storing various things;
•    Transformer. The coffee table has a special design that allows it to turn into an ottoman, a certain number of other tables, or in a dining table;
•    Decorative. It plays the role of a decorative element, it is rarely used for its intended purpose. It differs in its original design and materials of manufacture.


Rules on choosing coffee tables

When choosing a coffee table, you should pay attention to a few key points:
•    The general style of the living room;
•    The color of the table should harmonize with the color scheme of the living room and emphasize its design, even if it is used as a bright accent in the interior;
•    The size of the room and the location of the intended placement of the table.

The most popular wooden coffee tables, as the tree harmoniously emphasizes any style of the room and is suitable for any color scheme of the design. It is easy to take care of.

If the floor in the living room is made of a parquet board or laminate, a wooden table perfectly complements it and will present the room in a more advantageous light. For an ideally harmonious combination of colors in the room, you can add a sofa or an armchair with several decorative pillows, the color of which is similar to that of the countertop.


Also coffee tables with a glass table top and legs made of a variety of materials are popular as well, thanks to their stylish appearance and the ability to visually increase space.

The coffee table in the living room attracts all views, the basic interior items are arranged around it. Therefore, to the choice of it must be approached very carefully: starting with the purpose of the accessory, and ending with the material of manufacture.


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