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Furniture made of solid wood

Furniture and decorative accents, crafted from solid hardwood and different natural materials, are one of the best choices if you want to bring natural charm, beauty and inimitable character of natural wood and provide your home with long lasting comfort as well.

Living in a world of modernity and technologies, people try to integrate something natural into home decor. Due to simplicity and exceptional level of quality and strength, solid wood furniture is able to bring warm and cozy atmosphere to any type of interior, whether it is modern, traditional, cottage or eclectic. Working great with any type of surroundings, color theme and decor style, such furniture is one the best furnishing choices.

Solid wood is a unique and versatile material, which can be used in furniture (tables, beds, chairs, benches etc.), stairs, floors and pleasant elements of home interior such as sculptures, wall art, frames etc.

If you don’t want to buy furniture with natural, “unfinished” wooden texture, but appreciate wood for its durability and strength, the painted hardwood furniture is what you need. The furniture with “untouched” wood appearance has a finish too. The wood surfaces are usually finished with a layer of clear lacquer that protects the furniture from damages, scratches and moisture, while making it easy to clean.

Types of solid wood:

- Walnut is a sturdy wood with a wide range of color palettes from light to deep dark. Despite its sturdiness and heaviness, the walnut wood is easy to work with. Its sturdy structure is a perfect choice for painstaking and sophisticated carvings.

- Oak wood is a sturdy material with rich coloration ranging from yellow to brown with some grey and green undertones. The oak is easy to paint and finish.

- Beech wood is cheaper than oak wood, but has the same level of sturdiness. Frames made of wood offer high level of durability and unique color palette, which varies from rose to burgundy.

- Furniture made of pinewood is much cheaper than walnut or oak wood furniture, and has an affordable price. In spite of “fragileness“, the pinewood has many advantages such as good coniferous smell, and resistance to moisture and extreme temperature.

Solid wood is more expensive than MDF, particleboard, plywood and plastic, but it’s a good solution for those who want to build an Eco living space with simple, yet cozy atmosphere for family and friends. The hardwood’s natural look and coloration looks great in any type of indoor space from dining to bedroom.

Solid wood platform beds, dining tables and coffee tables boast very rich and stately look. Today, the hardwood furniture is offered in a huge variety of styles, shapes and colors. Find your style and make your home interior more comfortable, natural and lively.




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