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Creating a good workplace

Active Computer Work Station If recently the TV-set was the center of home world not its place is by right taken with the computer. The computer techniques entered our everyday life and together with it the furniture created for work changed.
Where to put the computer? – this question touches not only esthetic side of design of interior. The comfort of the person who will spend several hours a day at it is also important.
There is no a standard model of the computer table. It can be with additional storey – shelves for cassettes and CDs which are fixed above the table top. The table can have many pull-out cases. There can be various cabinets on the castors which can be rolled under the table or fixes to it and unfolds as a book while working.
The medicine affirms that the place for work with the computer needs the special organization. First of all, the furniture for computer will take about 5-6 sq. meters of area, desirably not far from window because you will need the natural lighting. While writing and reading place the sources of light on the table from the left of the computer. As we already said, purchasing the table for computer first of all take into account the comfort of computer user. It is necessary to determine the height of table top correctly, best of all if it is regulated from 680 to 800 mm (or 725 to 740 mm). Try to regulate the height of the chair that your legs are placed comfortable under the table and are not tired. Place the monitor over a distance of 60-70 cm from your eyes. The position of the monitor is considered correct if it stands vertically or is deflected 5-7 degrees back. The level of your eyes should be on the center of monitor or at the height of 2/3 from lower edge till the center.
Some producers equip their tables with special shelves for monitor which height can be regulated. Such shelves can be very useful if you work with the small monitor.
Take care that there is enough place for keyboard and there was place where to put your hands: otherwise you can get stretching. Very different materials are used in production of home office desks: wood, particle boards and their analogues, glass, metal and plastic. The most wide-spread materials for table-tops and shelves are particle boards, MDF and other sorts of wood-based panels with covering of polymers, laminate or melamine giving the base the water-repellent characteristic and increasing its practicalness. The legs of computer tables in modern and hi-tech styles are made of metal, they can be black or grey and also chrome. And the last notice: watch that there are no shining things on the table which will create the glares reflecting in the monitor and preventing work.

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