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Home Office Tables Guide

Here we selected different types of home/office tables and desks suitable for every home setting from large home office rooms to compact spaces.

office tables




Rectangle is a standard and the most popular choice for home office setting. Its simple design and shape will fit into any type of space, whether it is large or compact. Rectangular tables are available with a wide range of designs and configurations, including simple writing desks, tables with drawers, shelves etc.

office table shape standard



L-shaped desk is a good choice for large home office space.

Consisting of two parts, such desk provides plenty of usable surface and cabinet storage to organize your paperwork and accessories.

office table shape L



U-shaped desk is a fully functional solution for a large home office.

Designed as an all-in-one piece, the desk with U-shape design provides you with lots of functional storage space for office tools. Use hutch to maximize the storage option of the desk.

office table shape U




Round table is able to make a touch of romance and charm to your home office. Designed to bring designer vibe, round or oval shaped desk is a great choice of those who want to improve home office and bring accenting and memorable styling.

office table shape round




Adjustable desks use rotating or reversible tops that feature 360-degree swivel option for multiple positions. With different positions of the tabletop, this desk is perfect as a multi-functional item that changes configuration from compact standard table to extended or L-shaped.

office table shape adjustable





With no limits in shape, design and color, modern/contemporary home office tables are able to express your creativity and love of unusual style. Today’s furniture manufacturers create amazing modern and futuristic designs to make your home office more comfortable and stylish.

office table style modern



Exquisite styling of traditional desks shown in wood carving details, antiqued hardware, elegant shapes, scrollwork and decorative moldings will breathe an atmosphere of romance to your home office. Complement the look of classic styled desk with plush and functional office chair to provide optimal setting for any kind of work.

office table style traditional



Rustic style is a synonymous of simplicity, coziness and comfort. Using minimum of decorative elements, such desks offer simple look, while providing functionality.

office table style rustic



Industrial style, which is characterized by metal, factory inspired design and bold masculine feel, is suitable for those who want to create an impressive and memorable home office interior. Usually made of metal, industrial styled desks provide high level of durability to last for years to come.

office table style industrial




Writing desk

Writing desk is usually designed with simple rectangular tabletop and base with or without storage option (shelves, drawers or cabinets). Its simple design can be used in any indoor space from home office to living room. Working as a desk or a console/sofa table, writing deskis a simple and versatile solution for a range of modern home settings.

office table type drawers


Desk with drawers

Equipped with top drawers, writing/computer desks work great with tight spaces and provide both working surface and storage for compact items, paperwork and office tools. Modern desks and timeless Mid-Century home office tables with laconic and minimalist shapes are the best choice for contemporary and progressive interior design.

office table type writing



Desk with cabinet

Designed as an alternative to desk and lateral file/cabinet sets, this desk comes as a space-saving and multi-functional solution for your home office. Today’s furniture stores offer a wide assortment of storage desks and tables, including symmetric designs with storage cabinets on both sides, adjustable/rotating tabletops etc.

office table type cabinet



Sit-Stand desk

This desk has functional design with construction equipped with mechanism that helps to adjust the height of the tabletop for different types of work.

office table design sit stand



Desk with shelves

This desk combines functions of a standard writing/computer desk and a bookcase, featuring wide usable surface and open shelving located under the tabletop.

office table type shelving


Desk with hutch

Hutch is a helpful and functional addition to your desk that keeps your office accessories, books and tools organized and close at hand.

office table design hutch




Using no legs or base, wall-mounted desk makes it easy to create functional working area in any space from bedroom to living room. Its compact design does not take up too much space, while its minimalist silhouette gives your room airy, uncluttered look.

office table design wall




Compact and lightweight table for laptop is easy to move and transport from one room to another to provide a comfortable setting for work in any space.

office table design laptop



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