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How Men and Women see colors

Men and Women really do see the world and colors differently!
According to a new vision study that suggests men and women actually do see things differently, women are more perceptive to color changes, while guys' eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects.

Women distinguish more colors than is available to men. And the reason for increased sensitivity is explained very simply - in the eyes of women with a higher number of cells responsible for the perception of color.

This picture clearly shows how many colors can distinguish women. For a man, shades of colors do not play a special role.

How men and women see colors

Interesting facts:
Males eyes tired faster than women because their vision adapted for watching the distance, often have to switch to the perception of the text in the newspaper , on the computer screen , etc. The woman's eyes are better suited for close observation , which allows it to work much longer small objects located near the eyes. This means that women are superior to men in those cases when it is necessary , for example, thread a needle or reveal fine details in the image on the computer screen.

Women can see in the dark better than men (in particular, in the light of the red part of the spectrum), they notice the night in fine detail , but in the near field wide . When this man's eyes are better suited to tracking the remote object in a narrow field.

So let's do an experiment! Let's define the color of this Bean Bag?

What color of this Bean Bag?

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