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How to Pick a Sofa Bed: A Quick Guide to Your Best Decision


How to Pick a Sofa Bed

1. Accept the compromise and prioritize
A sofa bed is never going to be either the best sofa or the best bed in the store. Some manufacturers emphasize sitting comfort, others sleeping comfort, and it’s quite difficult to find them perfectly balanced. And if you do, it might not be worth it financially. So, first of all decide which function of the sofa bed you’re going to use more often.

How to Pick a Sofa Bed

2. Consider size and location
Make sure your doors are wide enough and, if they aren’t, go for a demountable option that you can assemble in the room already. Don’t be afraid of corner models – they happen to be quite handy for “inconvenient” corners that you can’t use otherwise, and help you save precious space in the rest of the room.

How to Pick a Sofa Bed
How to Pick a Sofa Bed
How to Pick a Sofa Bed
3. Think about the upholstery and the filling
Tissue is slightly more tolerant to regular cleaning than leather, and is considerably cheaper. It is also a bit more comfortable to sleep on. Leather, in contrast, is overall more durable, more expensive and fancier. It is also the best option is you have pets, especially cats, since natural leather is the easiest material to hide scratches and will keep looking good for many years.
How to Pick a Sofa Bed

The filling can be just spongy material or reinforced with springs, and again it depends on what you’re planning to use your sofa bed for. Spring support is better for comfortable sleep, while no springs make the sitting place softer. At the same time, not everybody likes to sit on soft surfaces, so maybe in your case spring support works equally well for both functions.
How to Pick a Sofa Bed
4. Get acquainted with transformation options
There are numerous systems for converting a sofa to a bed and back, but the most common ones are the traditional pull-out sofa bed, futon furniture, and davenports. Every mechanism has its advantages and disadvantages, such as sturdiness of the mechanism itself, easiness of transformation, possibility to have a bedding storage place, size and evenness of the sleeping surface. To make it short, the best way to understand what is the best mechanism for you is to come to the store and try it out rather than research endless options online. Maybe in person you’ll like something that didn’t draw your attention by text description, or notice inconveniences to a system that you hadn’t thought about while reading about it.

How to Pick a Sofa Bed
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