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How to increase the space in the apartment?


The basic rule of increasing the visual size of the room is dark colors avoidance in favor of bright and light color palette. The brighter the room, the larger and more it looks.
Properly selected texture that is used in finishing materials is also an essential aspect in increasing the visual space. The interior surface having reflective properties will visually expand the apartment. It is better to coat the walls in light tones without any patterns. If the tiles are placed on the wall, it should be light colored and have large sizes.


When installing the floor is also better to use light-colored materials, it is desirable to avoid the fine and small details. Floor covered with tile, laminate, parquet flooring on the diagonal will also serve well in visual increasing of the room space.


To maximize your living space you can arrange the furniture, furniture accessories and fittings in the color of the walls. This method will make the interior more unified and spacious. In these rooms it’s better to avoid the arches, columns and friezes. The mirrors and mirror reflective panels will help to visually increase the space as well. You can hang a mirror opposite a window or a picture. Mirrors on the headboard, wall unit or entertainment stands also serve to expand the room space.


The important point is the design of the windows with curtains. Do not use heavy curtains, it is better to use Venetian blinds/jalousie pass the light that makes the room looks airy and spacious at the same time.

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