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Lightings in Home

If you plan to change design of your apartment you should not forget that the visual perception depends not only on furniture and artistic decoration but also on lighting.
The open multifunctional spaces are often created in interiors. Try to choose chandeliers, sconces, standard lamps which mark out the functional zones ideally. Emphasize the uncommon elements, mark out the lines on the walls and floors.
Most of lightings illuminate with pale, soft, scattered light then the shades come to the first line. Coziness, intimacy, warmness, relaxation and comfort are felt. Bright light inspires and helps to concentrate attention.
The mood also depends on the implementation of light. Chandeliers, scones, standard lamps promote improvement of work. The bewitching light of warm shade will help to plunge into the remembering about rest and relax.
If you want to give the private character to some placements the decorative lightings will be the most suitable for this. For example, the table lamp in Indian style dispersing the soft light or the stairs with hidden illumination will give the originality and uniqueness to the placement.
The rooms intended for active work should be lightened richer than rooms for rest. The light from chandelier, scone, standard lamp should approximate to the sun light inside the room.
It is best of all to place to kinds of lightening systems: areal one which lightens the placement as a whole, and pointed one for illuminating of some places. The base for table lamp can be made of wood and lampshade of hanging lamp – of solid textile covering the metal frame.
Often the lightings built in furniture are placed in zones near mirrors. The scones can hang above mirrors – they are functional and at the same time serve as the elements of décor.
Chandeliers, standard lamps, scones, table lamps, night lamps and any other lighting will easily decorate any interior – both classic and modern. The magic consists in the fact that common articles get grandeur and greatness when you just switch on the light.

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