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Mid-Century Modern Sofa Beds

modern style in furniture
Why does mid-century modern style in furniture so popular?
Why do customers and manufacturers like its clean-lined and straightforward look?

Let's find out!

Clean lines, functional design, combination of wood and graphic patterns make Mid-Century Modern Furniture classic at all times. The admirers of this style find perfect reproductions of vintage sofas and sleepers, lounge chairs and decorative accent to enhance their rooms' interior. The products represent the stylish furniture pieces of iconic makers such as George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen, Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia.

George Nelson - mid-century modern style in furniture
George Nelson

Harry Bertoia - mid-century modern style in furniture
Harry Bertoia

Arne Jacobsen - mid-century modern style in furniture
Arne Jacobsen

Charles and Ray Eames - mid-century modern style in furniture
Charles and Ray Eames

Simplicity and integration with nature.

The mid-century modern sofa beds are one of the most popular furniture pieces today. They reflect particular look of simple design. These sofa beds emphasize geometric shapes, curves and angles instead of the ornate and classic appearance common in furniture of the pre-World War II era.

This clean-lined look is combined with advances in technology. Mid-Century Modern sleepers offer a retro-look respecting the practicalness and comfort. Adorned with a timeless look, they look well in contemporary and classic interiors. Mid-century modern furniture feels fresh and up-to-date today.

Whether you're a furniture lover or a fan of contemporary classic design, you are sure to find the exact mid-century modern sofa bed you're looking for.

Modern Manhattan - mid-century modern style sofas
Giovanni - Mid-century modern style Sofa Bed
JK038 Sofa Sleeper - Mid-century modern style Sofa Bed

Splitback - Mid-century modern style Sofa Bed
Charles and Ray Eames - mid-century modern style Sofa Bed
Modern Manhattan - mid-century modern style sofas

Interesting to know!


A bit of history of Mid-Century Modern style in the end.

A term "Midcentury modern" is originated by Cara Greenberg to describe a specific style of architecture and furniture design. It generally describes furniture, architecture and graphic design of the mid of the 20th century. The style was emerged primarily in the years following World War II. It is characterized by an energetic and optimistic spirit of good living. Clean-lined, elegantly simple and organically-shaped are three words that describe Mid-century Modern furniture.

Plain materials with industrial function became available for house goods and later were incorporated into Mid-century modern furniture designs. The manufacturers had experimented extensively with molded plywood, fiberglass, wire mesh an others.

Most of the furniture designs had gone out of trend by the late 60s. But in 80s interest to Midcentury modern began to return. As the years passed, the 90s brought about reissues of many iconic designs.




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