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Most Popular Headboard Styles

Each of us likes to spend time in the bedroom, where we can have a rest and gain strength for another day. A beautiful bed is the key to a good relaxation. But the perfect headboard makes the bed! Let’s see what types of headboards are the most popular.
The most famous and popular are 10 styles of headboards:

1. Made of wrought iron
One of the most antique and eye-catching designs have headboards made of wrought iron. Typically, they are located on both sides (headboard and footboard)

2. Contemporary metal headboards

3. Wooden (made entirely of wood)
Wooden headboard can also be designed in a modern and traditional style.

4. Wooden carved

5. Wooden slat design
Planked backrests and wooden slat designed headboards give lighter and fresher look to the beds. They fit perfectly into the bedrooms with limited space. Often, these backrests are made of wood, but they may also be composed of flake board and MDF (medium-density fibreboard).

6. Headboards with shelves or compartments

7. Headboards with closed shelves or cabinets
The ideal solution for those who want to have bedside items close at hand is the headboard with closed shelves or cabinets. They are also great if your bedroom has limited space.

8. Fabric upholstered headboards
the style that is most popular in these days - tufted/upholstered headboards that are sot to touch. They are upholstered in fabric or leather/leatherette.

9. Leather/leatherette upholstered headboards

10. Pillow style
Let your bedroom become a place of perfect night rest. Choose the perfect headboard for your bed!

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