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Types of recliners

Rafferty Reclining Sofa Set

For nearly 100 years, recliners have been a classic furniture piece of American households but times have changed! Today reclining chairs are one of the popular chairs because they will let you put your feet up after a hard day. As the name suggests, the recliner allows the user to raise its footrest and lower its back, using it in a reclining position.

If you come to a furniture store, you'll see different types of recliners on display. But there are not so many styles - we picked out 4 main types:
1. Recliners with ottomans
2. Swivel recliners
3. Rocker recliners
4. Home theatre seating recliners

1. Recliners with Ottomans
These chairs are great for total relaxation. If you need a perfect footrest, ottomans paired with the chair accommodate all your relaxing needs. Recliners with ottomans take up more space than standard pieces due to its two-piece combination. They are traditional and modern in design so they fit well any home decor.

Bone Leatherette Recliner with Matching Ottoman Black Glider Rocker with Round Base Ottoman

2. Swivel Recliners
Designed with a base that can rotate or swivel the body of the chair at will, swivel recliners are one of the most popular options for convenient seating. These reclining chairs are often constructed to allow the body of the chair to rock back and forth, changing your view without changing your position.

Casual Leatherette Swivel Recliner in Black Berri Black Swivel Recliner with Flared Arms

3. Rocker Recliners
Known to be the most popular type of recliners, they typically have several reclining angles. The footrest can be set up, but the back does not have to go all the way back to do so. Rocker recliner is more appropriate for small spaces because you can put it closer to the wall.

Rocker Recliner in Sage Morrell Casual Leather Rocker Recliner

4. Home Theatre Seating Recliners
Adaptable recliners can be connected together to create a full sized home theater seating or can work separately as well. This theater seating chair often has additional options such as hidden storage armrests and built-in consoles to make you movie night pleasing. Enjoy your movie with the comfort of home theatre seating reclining chairs.

Pavillion Left Recliner in Red


Also reclining chairs are divided into manual and power motion/electric.

Manual Recliners have two arms and a reclining action. Simply lean back to recline your chair and relax! This will trigger a mechanism that elevates the footrest.

Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Glider Recliner Princeton Rolled Arm Leather Recliner

Power Motion/Electric Recliners feature a mechanism that allows users to recline the chair by pressing a button located on the handset. They are a great way to relax.

Moreno Black Bonded Leather Power Motion Recliner Sadie Dark Brown Microfiber Power Motion Recliner

We can give you several tips how to choose the perfect recliner:

Select the upholstery. There is a range of upholsteries to choose from: recliners can be covered in leather, fabric, microfiber, velvet, chenille, corduroy and more. Leather reclining chairs are luxurious looking but are more likely to be damaged by pets. Chenille or corduroy are durable and stain-resistant and feels comfortable against your skin. Do not forget to choose appropriate pattern and color to fit your room decor.

Choose the right size. Some recliners can have different sizes - compact, standard or oversized. Measure the space where you want to place your chair. Most reclining chairs, especially rocking recliners, need approximately three feet of space behind them to allow them to recline fully.

Additional options. All recliners recline, but there are chairs that have extra options for your convenience. Some of them have built-in cup holders, speakers or even massaging features. These options will depend only on your personal preferences and budget.

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