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Why Italian furniture is so popular?

According to statistics, the Italian furniture is in great favor. Suites and sets from Italy win the hearts with its elegance and sophistication. This furniture has always been regarded as a standard of style, quality and comfort. Upholstered sets and bedroom suites from Italy is finesse, high quality and, of course, original and unrivaled design.

Why Italian furniture is so popular?Today Italian furniture accounts for about 10% of the total number of manufacturers in the market. And the share of Italy in the global exports is approximately 20%. The index is quite impressive, isn't it?

But why is furniture from Italy so popular? Firstly, this style is impressive because of its quality and convenience and, therefore, it is rapidly poured into our lives. Secondly, the Italian furnishing adds individualism and sophistication to the interior, filling the room with a homey feel. Thirdly, modern furniture is known for its variety of colors and designs.

Demand for this furniture depends on flawless implementation and quality of each item. No wonder the Italian masters have long been considered as leaders in creating the interior. Italy firmly holds leading position in the furniture export for several centuries. Manufacturers from Italy use only the finest materials and unique hardware, and due to sophisticated design these sets fit perfectly into any room. In the manufacture of Italian furniture age-old traditions are combined with modern technology, offering customers a wide range to choose from.

Domitalia furniture

However, the financial component of the issue keeps some customers back. But we must remember that high quality furnishing cannot be cheap. If we take into account that you make an investment for a long period buying Italian furniture, the prices don't seem so high. One of the most important characteristics of this furniture is the optimal combination of quality and price.

Let's summarize an overview of why furniture made in Italy or by Italian standards is considered to be the most popular:

• elegance and sophistication
• incomparable design
• high quality and flawless implementation
• high-grade materials
• modern technology

Rossetto furniture

Purchasing Italian furniture, you can be sure that it is the best solution, because it will help to meet the most refined needs and requirements.

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