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13 good ideas for small living room

The small living room is the place where the whole family gathers. This space has to be organized to become your favorite area and to impress the guests. We offer the best ideas for coziness and style creation in a living room.

How to organize space in this room if it is limited? Where to put a sofa, what color scale to choose, what accessories will be the best? Read this article to know some interesting facts.

1. Instead of arm chairs

If the space in a living room is limited, the compact chairs will be the good solution. Adorn them with accent pillows or plaid to add comfort and softness.

2. Corner sofa

This item will be indispensable for the big party. The models of light color will blend easily to any decor not obstructing the space.

3. Plush poufs

Padded and upholstered poufs are unique and comfortable pieces of furniture. They don't take a lot of place and will help to create the atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

4. Corner shelves

Pay attention to open corner shelves also. It is important to use each centimeter of space in the small room. Your family photos, some favorite books or plants may be placed there. These details will bring functionality and uniqueness to the area.

5. A little of warmth

Wattled rugs are unusual and beautiful elements of decor. They will bring warmth and completeness to the designed room. Round models will allocate zones and take attention of the room sizes.

6. Caramel cream

The beige tones are universal for any spaces and are combined easily with other colors. The light interior looks harmonious and beautiful while bright accents adding will bring visual interest and style. 

7. Colored pillows

The perfect way to freshen up the living room! Even the most boring interior will look more interesting with these accessories.

8. Bright accents Simple design may be decorated using bright color elements such as orange poufs, pink pillows or green coffee table. They embellish and complete the decor.

9. A hammock in a living room

Unexpected accessory. Many people think that this piece is unnecessary in the apartment. Well, why? It fits ideally into the interior of a small living room and creates the mood for relax.

10. Strips

Strips are also one of the best ways to expand the space. Thin and long, they will visually transform the room and will extend it. To obtain this affect you can use a rug.

11. Lighting

Decorating your living room don't forget to pay special attention to the lighting. Don't choose big and dense curtains for your windows, match translucent fabrics which will pass light.

Besides natural lighting, it will also be required additional, for example wall lamps, floor or desk lamps. A chandelier shouldn't be too big. The large model will look hard and massive in the small room.

12. Wall-paper and floor covering

Thanks to right walls decor and correctly picked up material for a floor you will expand a living room visually. Most often the designers recommend self-color wall-paper or classic striped. Photo wall-paper, panoramic or 3D products will also create an illusion of big space and draw attention of the guests. Choose the color fitting the furniture and arrange them on an opposite wall from a sofa.

For expansion of space with low ceilings use light green wall-paper with vertical strips and horizontal ones for the narrow room. Remember that color bands in a living area have to be light and almost imperceptible.

The minimalism has to reign in a small room. This modern style is the optimal solution for limited space.

13. Mirrors

Use glossy surfaces as they reflect the light. If you would like to partition a room, use glass screens, they pass light and keep ease.

One of the simplest yet magic ways to decorate and expand the small room is the using of mirrors in an interior. Place them on opposite walls. Mirrored walls will match well a huge number of styles and will be an amazing decor element.

So, what conclusion can we make up at the end of our article? The size is not principal feature for the room. Create the unique style in your living room taking our advices into consideration.


Small living room: 13 good ideas how to organize the space >>>


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