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10 WAYS to accent your HOME


How to make your home interior impressive and memorable without losing comfort? There many useful tips of how to bring a new life to your home décor and enhance the comfort level.


1. Accent furniture

Furniture for indoor spaces designed with creativity in mind will add dramatic, designer vibe and grab everyone’s attention. Accent tables, arm chairs, benches, settees, and ottomans with non-standard or iconic Mid-Century designs are able to entirely change the look of your living room and open a new level of comfort. The color, shape and material are the main criterions of good-looking and comfortable accent furniture. Today’s manufacturers and furniture designers work hard to create new trends or build quality reproductions of furniture icons of the past century.


2. Paintings/Wall Art

Paintings & wall art offer a fine way to decorate walls and bring some artistic elegance. If you want to accent traditional interior, classic oil painting with carved wood/distressed frame is a good choice. Modern wall art/print/photo with popular theme in vibrant colors is able to add some creativity to contemporary interiors. Three-dimensional art and wall-mounted statues offer a good alternative for wall decorating, if you don’t like paintings.


3. Plants

Complemented with plants, today’s interiors, which are surrounded with modernity, innovation and technologies, acquire a new, natural look and freshness. Serving as not just decorative elements, some plants purify the air in spaces and resist toxic compounds such as formaldehyde. Spider plant, weeping fig, snake plant, aloe vera and others are able to clean the air in tight and non-ventilated rooms. The plants are useful, beautiful and natural home accents created by the Nature.


4. Decorative accents

Decorative vases, boxes, candleholders, figurines, photo frames, trays etc. will serve as finishing parts of your designed interior. Depending on the interior’s style, decorative items may add artistic traditional flair or highlight the modern minimalist design.Traditional iron candleholders will set a romantic atmosphere in your dining space or bedroom, while vases/trays and statuettes will provide extra practicality. Pillows, bolsters and throws are good decision to accent upholstered furniture. Sofas with wide track armrests may be accented with removable arm tray, which serves as an alternative side table.


5. Rugs

This element of home décor serves as a bringer of both comfort and memorable style. Natural wool area rug/runner is able to provide warmth and coziness, while artistic design/pattern of the rug will add some dimensional look to the overall space. Hand-knotted/hand-loomed rugs designed with sophisticated patterns such as medallions, geometric shapes, floral and vine motifs in rich color palettes will easily decorate classic interiors, while adding a flair of rich and luxurious traditional style. Natural and synthetic hand-made/machine-made rugs with unusual abstract patterns, plush or low pile textures and vibrant colors offer a simple and affordable way to modernize your living/dining space.


6. Lighting

Lighting is one of the important elements of modern home and can be both functional and decorative. Modern and traditional table/buffet lamps, wall lighting and torchers/floor lamps with creative designs provide a direct illumination, and complement the style of bedside or seating area.


7. Fountains

Indoor fountain is an exquisite way to fill your home with harmony and natural energy. If your living room is limited in space, you can use compact tabletop fountains, which are usually made of natural stone and equipped with some lighting. Combined with some plants, flowers or statues made natural material, the fountain will create a small oasis in your indoor space.


8. Fireplaces

Electric fireplace equipped with heater and remote controlling is a fine way to provide your apartment with rustic coziness and warmth of a cottage house without additional efforts. Some fireplaces are designed as multi-functional items and combine functions of TV stand, storage cabinet or entertainment unit.


9. Mirrors

Small mirror on the wall or large standing mirror will take place in a small room to visually expand the space and bring more light and air. This is a simple way to accent a blank space above a console table, dresser or credenza.


10. Shelving units

Shelving serves as a display unit for decorative items, books, plants, photo frames and any compact items. Modular shelving units may be arranged according to your desire to assemble an impressive decoration for a wall and provide a stylish display space for necessaries. Improve your living room, home office or library and choose from tons of designs including compact single wall-mounted shelves or standing shelves made of metal, glass and hardwood



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